1.Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Roman Antiquities 11.1

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קפיצה אל:ניווט, חיפוש

מקורות ראשוניים ועתיקים ד / מקורות ראשוניים ועתיקים D


In the eighty-third Olympiad1 (the one at which Criso of Himera gained the prize), Philiscus being archon at Athens, the Romans abolished the decemvirate which had governed the commonwealth for three years. I shall now endeavour to relate from the beginning in what manner they attempted to do away with this domination which was already deeply rooted, who the leaders were in the cause of liberty, and what their motives and pretexts were. For I assume that such information is necessary and an excellent therefore for almost everyone, but particularly for those who are employed either in philosophical speculation or in the administration of public affairs.


  • קריסון במשחקים האולימפיים של שנת 448 לפנה"ס.

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