8-Arrian, Anabsis 4.15.6

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קפיצה אל:ניווט, חיפוש

מקורות ראשוניים ועתיקים א / מקורות ראשוניים ועתיקים A


He said that for the time being, his own concern was India; for by subduing India he would at once be in possession of Asia as a whole, and with Asia in his possession he would return to Greece, and march thence by the Hellespont and Propontis to Pontus with all his naval and land forces; he expected Pharasmanes to save up the promises he made now till that time.

He himself returned to the river Oxus; he had determined to move into Sogdiana, since it was reported that many of the Sogdianians had taken refuge in their forts and would not obey the satrap set over tham by Alexander. While he was encamped on the river Oxus, not far from his own tent a spring of water, and another one of oil near by, came up from the ground.

When this prodigy was notified to Ptolemy son of Lagus, the Royal bodyguard, he told Alexander, and Alexander sacrificed on account of this potent as the soothsayers directed. Aristander said that the spring of oil was a sign of tribulations to come, but that it portended victory after the tribulations.


הטקסט והפיסוק מלואב.

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