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מחקר מודרני ב / מחקר מודרני B

Burke, Brendan. 2001. "Anatolian Origins of the Gordian Knot Legend". Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies. vol. 42.pp. 255-261.


עמ' 255-256:

מטרת המאמר:

I argue that certain details of th story of the Gordian knot preserved by the historians of Alexander are holdovers from the Late Bronze Age and demonstrate that the legend was of great antiquity and local to Anatolia.

עמ' 257

הערה 6: לצבוע בירוק. אגב זה חהכניס מראי מקום על ה-synesis של אלכסנדר מהספר.

Justin, Cutrius and Marsyas (as reported in the scholia to Euripdes) do not mention the material of which the Gordian knot was made, but Arrian and Plutarch both state that it was made from fibers of cornelian cherry (ψλοιός κρανίας)...

Hittite threads

All historians of Alexander stress that the knot is a local legend of the "barbarians" to quot Plutarch (18.1).

עמ' 258:

The Specific reference to the storm god thundering recalls the prominent role of Zeus in the Classical sources for the Godrdian Knot.

מקבילה מהמיתולוגיה החיתית לשימוש בקליפת cornel.

While there is no knot specified in the Hittite story, there is reference to loops of red, black and white wool, to cutting implements, and to two bulls, which may have been yoked to a cart. The reference to pegs, including one of cornel wood and presumably red in color, recalls the version of the Gordian knot attributed to Aristoboulos...".

עמ' 259:

הערה 10: זה היה אמור להיות לב המאמר שלי. אי אפשר להתקדם לפני שנקרה מה כותבת הגב' קינג (תזה).

עמ' 260:

Is there possibly some connection between Hittite mit(t)a - and the Phrygian name Midas/Mita, who is the central focus of the Gordian know story?"

עמ' 261:

I suggest that the Phrygian sources who informed Alexander's historians were transmitting a very old story that predated the historical king Midas known to Herodotus. The ultimate origin of this legend is found in the period of the Hittite kings in central Turkey, suggesting that the Phrygian dynasts had a ritual, possibly a foundation rite, based on Hittite predecessors. With this added insight into the origins of the Gordian knot story it is clear that some of the legends that created a history for Alexander were firmly based on local lore.



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