Justin 11.8

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מקורות ראשוניים ועתיקים י / מקורות ראשוניים ועתיקים J



[1] Haec illi agenti nuntiatur Darium cum ingenti exercitu aduentare. [2] Itaque timens angustias magna celeritate Taurum transcendit, in qua festinatione quingenta stadia cursu fecit. [3] Cum Tarsum uenisset, captus Cydni fluminis amoenitate per mediam urbem influentis proiectis armis plenus pulueris ac sudoris in praefrigidam undam se proiecit, [4] cum repente tantus neruos eius occupauit rigor ut interclusa uoce non spes modo remedii, sed nec dilatio periculi inueniretur. [5] Vnus erat ex medicis, nomine Philippus, qui solus remedium pollicetur ; sed et ipsum Parmenionis pridie a Cappadocia missae epistulae suspectum faciebant, [6] qui ignarus infirmitatis Alexandri scripserat a Philippo medico caueret, nam corruptum illum a Dario ingenti pecunia esse. [7] Tutius tamen ratus dubiae se fidei medici credere quam indubitato morbo perire. [8] Accepto igitur poculo epistulas medico tradidit atque ita inter bibendum oculos iii uultum legentis intendit. [9] Vt securum conspexit, laetior factus est sanitatemque quarta die recepit.


While he was thus engaged, intelligence was brought him that Darius was approaching with a vast army. Fearing the defiles, he crossed Mount Taurus with the utmost expedition, advancing, in one of his forced marches, five hundred stadia. Arriving at Tarsus, and being charmed with the pleasantness of the river Cydnus, which flows through the midst of the city, he threw off his armour, and, covered as he was with dust and sweat, plunged himself into the water, which was then excessively cold; when, on a sudden, such a numbness seized his nerves, that his voice was lost, and not only was there no hope of saving his life, but not even a means of delaying death could be found. One of his physicians, named Philippus, was the only person that promised a cure; but a letter from Parmenio, which arrived the day before from Cappadocia, rendered him an object of suspicion; for Parmenio, knowing nothing of Alexander’s illness, had written to caution him against trusting Philippus, as he had been bribed by Darius with a large sum of money. Alexander, however, thought it better to trust the doubtful faith of the physician, than to perish of certain disease. Taking the cup from Philippus, therefore, he gave him Parmenio’s letter to read, and, as he drank, fixed his eyes upon the physician’s countenance while he was reading. Seeing him unmoved, he became more cheerful, and recovered his health on the fourth day after.


לאחר שחייה בנהר ליד טארסוס אלכסנדר נופל למשכב. הוא נותן לרופאו פיליפוס לטפל בו למרות מכתב אזהרה שקיבל מפרמניון, שמזהיר אותו שפיליפוס קיבל שוחד מהפרסים כדי לחסל את אלכסנדר.

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