Arrian, Indica 5.3-9

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מקורות ראשוניים ועתיקים א / מקורות ראשוניים ועתיקים A


[3] But even Megasthenes, so far as I can see, did not visit much of India, though he visited more than the followers of Alexander, son of Philip, did; he states that he was in the company of Sandrokottos, the greatest of all the Indian kings, even greater than Poros.

[4] This Megasthenes says that the Indians did not attack any other people, and none attacked them. [5] Now Sesostris the Egyptian, after subduing most of Asia and invading Europe with an army, returned home again; [6] while Idanthyrsos the Skythian, having started out from Skythia, subdued many peoples of Asia, then attacked the land of the Egyptian and took it. [7] And Semiramis the Assyrian made ready to set out against the Indians, but died before she could realize her plans. For Alexander alone made an expedition against the Indians. [8] And before Alexander, there is much talk about Dionysos, that he too had marched against the Indians and subdued them; but concerning Herakles the report is not so prevalent.

[9] And as for Dionysos, the city of Nysa is not a slight memorial of his campaign, as is Mt. Meros, and the ivy which grows on that mountain; and also the Indians themselves, who go to war to the sound of tympani and cymbals, and have a speckled dress, just as the Bacchai of Dionysos.


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