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מחקר מודרני ב / מחקר מודרני B

Bell Jr., Albert A. 1976. "Josephus the Satirist? A Clue to the Original Form of the "Testimonium Flavianum." The Jewish Quarterly Review (New Series). Vol. 67, No. 1. pp. 16-22.


עמ' 16

'THERE ARE FEW PASSAGES extant in any ancient author, which have been more frequently, or perhaps with greater shew of reason, the subject of debate, than the account suppos'd to be given of Christ by Josephus in the eighteenth book of his Antiquities." So wrote Nathaniel Forster in I749.

הערה 1:

[A Dissertation upon the Account Suppos'd to have been given of Jesus Christ by Josephus, BeiTng an attempt to shew that this celebrated Passage, some slight corruptions only excepted, may reasonably be esteem'd genuine (Oxford, 1749), p. 7]



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