Diodorus Siculus 20.6

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מקורות ראשוניים ועתיקים ד / מקורות ראשוניים ועתיקים D


After they had sailed for six days and the same number of nights, just as day was breaking, the fleet of the Carthaginians was unexpectedly seen not far away. At this both fleets were filled with zeal and vied with each other in rowing, the Carthaginians believing that as soon as they destroyed the Greek ships they would have Syracuse in their hands and at the same time free their fatherland from great dangers; and the Greeks foreseeing that, if they did not get to land first, 2 punishment was in store for themselves and the perils of slavery for those who had been left at home. When Libya came into sight, the men on board began to cheer and the rivalry became very keen; the ships of the barbarians sailed faster since their crews had undergone very long training, but those of the Greeks had sufficient lead. The distance was covered very quickly, and when the ships drew near the land they rushed side by side for the beach like men in a race; indeed, since they were within range, the first of the Carthaginian ships were sending missiles at the last of those of Agathocles. 3 Consequently, when they had fought for a short time with bows and slings and the barbarians had come to close quarters with a few of the Greek p159ships, Agathocles got the upper hand since he had his complement of soldiers. At this the Carthaginians withdrew and lay offshore a little beyond bowshot; but Agathocles, having disembarked his soldiers at the place called Latomiae,15 and constructed a palisade from sea to sea, beached his ships.


  • אגתוקלס נוחת עם צבאו באוגוסט של שנת 310 לפנה"ס ב-Latomiae.
  • הערה מתוך Lacus Curtius על מיקום הנחיתה:

i.e. the Quarries; probably near Cape Bon, the ancient Promuntorium Mercurii, cp. Strabo, 17.3.16

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