Diodorus Siculus 3.63.1-2

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קפיצה אל:ניווט, חיפוש

מקום הולדתו של דיוניסוס בהיסטוריות של אלכסנדר


Loeb, trans. Oldfather Diodorus Siculus 3.63.1


These mythographers, however, who represent the god as having a human form, ascribe to him with one accord the discovery and cultivation of the vine and all the operations of the making of wine, although they disagree on whether there was a single Dionysos or several. c


Some, for instance, who assert that he who taught how to make wine and to gather the fruit of the trees, as they are called, he who led an army over all the inhabited world, and he who introduced the mysteries and rites and Bacchic revelries, were on and the same person. But there are others, as I have said, who conceived that there were three persons, at separate periods, and to each of these they ascribe deeds which were peculiarly his own. c


על שלושה דברים עומד דיוניסוס:

  • המהפכה החקלאית, והיין ביחוד.
    • דיוניסוס בתפקיד מקביל לנח נוטע הגפן. מראה מקום
    • האם דאוקליון נטע גפן אף הוא?
  • משוטט בעולם עם צבא ומנחיל חקלאות וחיי עיר (בסגנון מלוכני)
  • אבי טקסי המיסתורין והילולות הבַּכְּכַנָליה.

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