Philostratus, The Life of Apollonius 2.9

קפיצה אל:ניווט, חיפוש

מקורות ראשוניים ועתיקים פ / מקורות ראשוניים ועתיקים P


Philostratos, Vita Apollonii 2.9 / Loeb; trans. Jones

[1] The Greeks have a different opinion from the Indians about the Dionysos, as the Indians do with each other. We say that the Theban Dionysos traveled to India as a general and an ecstatic, and our evidence includes the dedication at Delphi, which is kept locked away in the storehouses there. It is a disc of India silver with this inscription: “Dionysos the son of Semele and Zeus after his Indian victory to Apollo of Delphi”.

[2] Among the Indians, those near the Caucasus and the river Kophen say that this person was a visitor from Assyria who knew about the deeds of the Theban. Those who live in the region between the Indus and the Hydraotes and in the land beyond, which extends as far as the river Ganges, say that Dionysos was born the son of the river Indus. The famous Theban, after paying him a visit, took up the thyrsos and went in for ecstatic rites. Claiming he was the son of Zeus and had lived in his father’s thigh in order to reach birth, the Theban discovered a mountain called Meros, to which Nysa is adjacent, and he planted it for Dionysos with a slip of the vine he had brought from Thebes.

[3] Though it is said that Alexander’s revels took place here, the inhabitants of Nysa deny that Alexander climbed the mountain. He desired to, since he was ambitious and devoted to antiquity, but was afraid that the Macedonians, not having seen vines for a long time, once they had come across them would be overcome by regret for those of their native land, and would feel a desire for wine after getting used to water. So he skirted Nysa after praying to Dionysos and sacrificing in the foothills. I am aware that this account of mine will displease some people, but those who were on Alexander’s campaign falsified this part of it too. I by contrast am bound to the truth and if those historians too had honored it, they would not have deprived Alexander of this additional praise. For rather than climbing the mountain and holding revel, as they assert, it was a nobler act to ensure the endurance of his army by not climbing it.


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  • כיצד לדרוש את ההתייחסות להיסטוריונים שליוו את אלכסנדר?
  • האם הסיפור על דיוניסוס התבאני שמגיע להודו הוא השתקפות מאוחרת של אלכסנדר?

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