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Onces kings ruled this city; however, they did not pass it on to successors within their own families. Members of other families and even foreigners came to the throne, as Numa, coming from the Sabines, succeeded Romulus; he was a neighbour certainly, but at the same time he was a foreigner, as was Tarquinius Priscus who succeeded Ancus Marcius. Tarquinius, Prevented from Holding office in his own land because he was of impure blood - for he was the son of Demaratus of Corinth and his mother was from Tarquinii, a lady noble but poor, as she nust have been if she neede to give her hand to such a husband - subsequently migrated to romeand gained the throne. Between Tarquin and his son or grandson (for even this is disputed between writers) Servius Tullius intervened. If we follow our Etruscan sources he was once the most faithful companion of Caelius Vivenna and took part in all his adventures. Subsequently, driven out by a change of fortune, he left Etruria with all the remnants of Caelius' army and occupied the Caelian hill, naming it thus after his name was Mastarna), and was called by the name I have used, and he obtained the throne to the greatest advantage of the state.


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Cornell, Tim. 1995. The Beginnings of Rome. London & New York: Routledge. pp. 133-134.

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קלאודיוס (Oratio Claudii Caesaris - (Tiberius Claudius Caesar - נאום קלאודיוס המתייחס לסרוויוס כפי שנשמר על גבי לוחות ליון (Lyon Tablets).