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קפיצה אל:ניווט, חיפוש

The Text

The translation given here is of the text by Dan, Yosef. 1969. Alilot Alexander Mokdon. Jerusalem: Bialik Inst.. This, in turn, derives from the edition of Israël Lévi. 1895/6. Tehila leMoshe. Leipzig, 142-162, and ultimately from Mss from Modena, Bodelian 2797, and a Damascene Ms.


There was a man in the land of Egypt by the name of Bildad[1] ben-Ason[2]. And this man was a star-gazer and an astrologer, a diviner, an augur and a sorcerer[3], the like of which has never been in the land of Egypt, who achieved all his wishes through his sorcery.

And he turned his eye to Queen Gloptriah[4], the wife of Philippos, King of Egypt. And he desired to lie with her, for she was beautiful and a sight to behold. And his heart died within him because of his strong love, and he hardly had any breath left.

But Bildad grew strong, relying on his lucky star, and he divined with his magic to figure out whether he may derive some benefit from his thought to lie with the Queen. And he cast his sign, and it fell on that of the Queen. And Bildad rejoiced greatly, and wondered the field this way and that, looking for a weed called Şrfilia[5], and he cast a spell on the weed with his sorcery, and buried it for nine days straight.


  1. Similar to the name of one of Job's three friends (Job 2:11 et passim).
  2. אסון, in Hebrew - disaster.
  3. מעונן ומנחש ומכשף, from Deuteronomy 18:10.
  4. Obviously, a garbled version of Kleopatra.
  5. צרפיליא; Any ideas about the meaning of this name?