Decree of the League of Islanders on the acceptance of the Ptolemaieia

קפיצה אל:ניווט, חיפוש


[Resolved] by ther delegates (synedroi) og the Islanders; concerning the matters about which [Philocles] king of the Sidonians and Bacchon the [nesiarch wrote] of the cities, that they should send delegates to Samos to / discuss the (question of the) sacrifice, the sacred envoys (theoroi) and the contest which King Ptolemy (II) is instituting in honor of his father in Alexandria, to be equal on rank with the Olympic Games [and (concerning which)] Philocles and Bacchon have [now conversed] with the [delegates] who have arrived from the cities, be it /resolved by the common body (koinon) of the delegates, since King Ptolemy (I) Soter (the Savior) has been responsible for many great blessings to the islander and the other Greeks, having liberated the cities, restored their laws, / re-established to all their ancestral constitution and remitted their taxes, and (since) now King Ptolemy (II), having inherited the kingdom from his father, continues to show the same goodwill and concern of the islanders and / the other Greeks, and is offering a sacrifice in honor of his father and instituting a gymnastic, musical and equestrian contest to be equal in rank with the Olympic games, preserving his [piety] toward the gods and maintaining his goodwill toward his [ancestors], and (since) for this purpose he is inviting / [the] Islanders and other Greek to [vote] that the context should be equal in rank with the Olympic Games, and (since) it is fitting that all the islanders, who were the [first] to have honored Ptolemy Soter with godlike honors [both because] of his [public benefactions] and because of his [sevices] to individuals, / should collaborate [in other matters with King] Ptolemy (II) at his invitation and should now [vote with all] zeal accordance with [his wish… to grant] worthy honors / […of] their goodwill [to accept] the sacrifice and [to send] the sacred envoys at the [appropriate season for] all time to come, as instructed by the king; [and] that the contest should be equal in tank with the Olympic Games, and that the victors / [from the islanders] should enjoy the same honors which are [written down in] the laws among each of the Islanders for the victors at the Olympic Games; and to crown king Ptolemy son of King Ptolemy Soter with a [golden] crown for merit / [worth] a thousand states, for his excellence and his goodwill toward the Islanders, and that the delegates should inscribe this decree on a stone stele and [set it up at] Delos next to the altar of [Ptolemy] Soter. [In] the same way let the cities participating in the council (synedrion) pass this / resolution, inscribe it on stone stelae and consecrate it in the sanctuaries in which the other honors are inscribed in each city. The delegates shall appoint three sacred envoys to go / to Alexandria, sacrifice to Ptolemy Soter on behalf of the league (koinon) of Islanders and hand over [the] crown to the king. The money for the crown, for the journey and expenses of the sacred envoys shall be contributed by the cities, each / [according to] its share, and they shall give it to the person [designated by Bacchon]. Glaucon of [Cythnus… of] Naxos, Cleocritus of Andros were appointed sacred envoys.


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