Wikimania 2011 Haifa - lecture notes

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  • The usual Wiki story...
  • cordial thanks to Dr. Dani Ben-Tzvi @@@@@link to campus website@@@@@,

Shiri Hagani, Shai Spieler

The Experiment


The intensive Seminar

Intense use of Wiki in class:

  • Wiki serves as platform for course (Syllabus etc.)
  • students required to publish notes Every Thursday for a presentation on Monday
  • requirement to work in small teams (2-3 students)

On the ground:


  • increased load for both students and teacher
  • new opportunities for "wall flowers"
  • fuzzier hierarchy in class
  • more responsibility and initiative by the excellent students
  • major tool for encouraging excellence!

Other Courses

Teaching load does not allow for full blown use of Wiki in each and every



  • Excellent course management tool (much better than Highlearn)
    • flexibility
    • linkability
    • accessibility
  • assignments in Wiki:
    • monitoring while in progress - Recent Changes Page
    • work and corrections accessible to entire class
    • history pages enables to isolate individual contribution in team projects
  • allows combination of teaching and...


  • Teaching and research are easy to combine!

Josephus - Paulina and Fulvia

Abraham and Herakles

  • outlining a research project and accessibility to


furthering scientific approach? (network theory)

technical Requests

  • Introduce option to enable view of specific pages only to subscribed members.
    • defend student privacy
    • protect secret ongoing research
    • avoid copyright issues in teaching
  • Enable deletion of usernames
  • Rich editor which leaves a clean code ~~ or ~~ integration of shortcut
  • options as in ++Notepad
  • Sort out RTL-LTR issues, if possible

Future Plans

Personal site

  • open course curricula for use by students and general


  • open research archive
    • both accessible from all locations (not just office).

Distance learning

  • accessibility from everywhere
  • allows for discussion and interaction in writing
    • which also helps prevent cheating
  • academization and democratization of school curricula

International cooperation

Wiki (in English) a perfect tool for collaborative international projects

Hebrew wikipedia

The goal: creation of a first-class academic-level truly-encyclopedic reference

database in Hebrew Wikipedia.